Wednesday, December 24, 2014

What is Thursday Thirteen?

Thursday Thirteen is a weekly meme where you post 13... anythings!  The second home of Thursday Thirteen has been inactive since July, and I and a few other die-hards would love to see a come-back.  So, until such time that it happens, will include a link list so we can find each other's T13 posts.

What can you post about?  Anything, really.  I believe it was started as a "stream of consciousness" theme in the beginning, but it has exploded into an "anything goes" meme.  The only theme is 13!  You can post 13 of your all time  _________ , 13 of your favorite _________ , 13 things you want to do, see, make, find, explore, 13 things starting with the letter __________ , 13 thoughts about _________.  You get the idea!

My oldest T13 post was way back when the first site was up and running.  Most of the links from those posts are inactive now since that site was shut down and many of the bloggers in 2007 are no longer blogging.  My most recent T13 post was... well, this week!  I wish I could say I had posted every Thursday since the beginning, but, sadly, life sometimes gets in the way.  So, play along when you can!

Here are a few of my Thursday Thirteen posts:
My very first T13.
My T13 thoughts about blogging.
T13 ways to leave your lover (think Paul Simon).
Destinations (with lots of links to other great blogs)
For the book worm.
T13 wishful thinking!
And a holiday T13.

Below are a few of the headers I have used.  I don't know who created them.  I found them on the original Thursday Thirteen site.  Feel free to borrow!

Feel free to create your own!

I hope you'll join Thursday Thirteen!  Can't wait to read your blog!  Go here to post your link of the current Thursday Thirteen!

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